Israel Ambassador Oren to Give Yeshiva University’s Commencement Keynote Address


michael-orenIsrael’s ambassador to the United States, Michael B. Oren, will deliver the keynote address at Yeshiva University’s (YU) 79th commencement ceremony at The Theater at Madison Square Garden in New York City on Wednesday, May 26, at 11 am.

Senator Joseph I. Lieberman (ID-CT) who was awarded an honorary doctorate from the university in 1989, will deliver the opening invocation and Rabbi Haskel Lookstein, spiritual leader of Cong. Kehilath Jeshurun, a 2008 honorary doctorate recipient, will present the closing benediction.

Each year, YU confers honorary doctorates upon individuals who have exemplified true leadership and philanthropic values. This year, President Richard M. Joel will confer an Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters degree upon Ambassador Oren; Rabbi Moshe Gottesman, a respected Jewish educator will receive an Honorary Doctor of Divinity degree; Alfred Henry Moses, a philanthropist, communal leader and former US ambassador to Romania will receive an Honorary Doctor of Laws degree; and Zygmunt Wilf, who serves on YU’s Board of Trustees and the Albert Einstein College of Medicine Board of Overseers and is chairman of the Minnesota Vikings, will receive an Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters degree. Dr. Sylvia Wassertheil-Smoller, professor of social medicine at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine and a renowned researcher, will be awarded the Presidential Medallion in recognition of her groundbreaking work in cardiovascular disease.

More than 2,000 graduate students will be awarded degrees.

{Noam Newscenter}


  1. Shame on Brandeis University for not allowing Oren to speak. Our poisonous liberal Jews are worse than all our Goyishe enemies combined. What they don’t realize is that when the Goyim come for the Jews, they will be taken first.

  2. Kol hakavod, as usual, to Yeshiva University for all its acts of Kiddush Hashem. They make us all look good, thank God. And they run a very nice graduation ceremony in The Theater, too.
    Mazel tov to all the graduates. Get out there and improve the world!

  3. To “Boston Jew”: I don’t know why you would spread such a lie, but Oren is the Brandeis Commencement Speaker and no one is preventing him from speaking. So shame on you. And your racist comment at the end is really beyond the pale.


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