Israel And US Complete Military Exercise As Trump Prepares To Land

An Israeli Air Force F-16 departs on a combat mission during the Blue Flag exercise on Uvda Air Force Base, Israel Nov. 27, 2013. Aircraft from the 492nd Fighter Squadron deployed to participate in the exercise, which promoted improved operational capability, combat effectiveness, understanding and cooperation between the U.S., Israel, Greece, and Italy. The unit engaged multiple heavy air defense assets, ground base targets and simulated opposition forces to meet combined operations requirements. (Official U.S. Air Force photo by Master Sgt. Lee Osberry/Released)
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A joint aerial exercise between the Israeli and US Air Forces, codenamed “Juniper Falcon,” took place in early May, the Israeli military announced on Sunday.

The goal of the exercise was to improve the operational capacity of both air forces as well as the advancement of relations between the two countries. Juniper Falcon takes place annually and features mock air battles over southern Israel between allied (“Blue Team”) and enemy (“Red Team”) forces.

A US squadron of F-15E Strike Eagle fighter jets made up a part of the Blue Team, along with Israeli F-15 squadrons, with a total number of planes ranging between 20 and 24 aircraft.

The Red Team was composed primarily of Israeli Barak F-16Cs, with a total of nine planes. The exercise simulated air combat involving an allied coalition force, with communications carried out in English. Read more at i24.



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