Israel Appoints 24 New Dayonim


Israel’s Committee for Appointment of Dayonim selected 24 dayonim to serve in regional botei din from hundreds of candidates. Eight are identified with Degel Hatorah, eight with Shas and eight with the religious Zionist sector.

Finance Minister Moshe Kachlon agreed to increase the number of dayonim slots and plans to add seven more in the near future.

{ Israel}


  1. We must collectively denounce the use of arkois r’l. It is a blatant isur H’ Torah and a horrific Chillul Shem shomyim. I have spoken to many Rabbanim shlita and implore all who are chared ldvar hashem to do likewise. If as a community using arkois r’l becomes shunned upon maybe bs’d we can turn the tide.


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