Israel Becomes First Country to Approve Medical Cannabis Vaporizers


Israel has become the world’s first country to approve cannabis vaporizers for medical use.

The Israeli Ministry of Health has granted initial approval to the VapePod vaporizer developed by Kanabo Research, a Tel-Aviv-based medical cannabis research and development company, according to a report by Israel21c.

Most medical marijuana patients receive the benefits of cannabis from smoking. The approved vaporizer will free users from the detriments of smoking and deliver consistent, accurate dosing in a more effective manner.

“We expect that due to the transition of most of the cannabis consumers to the use of vaporizers, our company is projected to reach $10 million in sales within three years in the Israeli market, while the Israeli cannabis market is expected to reach $100 million in sales within three years, Avihu Tamir, cofounder and CEO of Kanabo Research said. “The Israeli market is a platform to deliver our technology to global markets in North America and Europe.”

The organization is currently performing preclinical trials to treat sleep disorders with VapePod.




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