Israel Begins Mass Serological Testing To Detect Coronavirus Antibodies

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Israel began conducting mass serological testing on Monday to detect COVID-19 antibodies, amid rising concern over a “second wave” of infections.

Around 80,000 tests will be taken across the country, according to a report by Israel’s Channel 12.

Tuesday saw the highest daily rise in COVID-19 cases in the country since April 2. Since Monday midnight, 714 new cases were confirmed, the third-highest daily tally since the onset of the pandemic in Israel.

It is estimated that the number of those exposed to the virus is ten times the number actually diagnosed as carriers (24,441), indicating a far greater infection rate than previously thought.

The serological test is not used to diagnose whether or not a person has the disease, but can detect antibodies to it that appear about 21 days after a person has been infected. Those in whom antibodies are found are considered to have been coronavirus carriers, but it is still unclear whether such a person can become infected again or not.

Israel’s Ministry of Health has instructed that those found to have antibodies but who were not previously known to have had the disease will be sent for coronavirus testing.

There may also be people infected with the virus but who do not develop antibodies. However, their numbers in relation to all patients are likely to be low. The sensitivity of the antibody detection test is 95 percent, according to the report.

“This is a very, very important survey,” emphasized Sigal Dadon Levy, head of the Sharon district of Israel’s Maccabi Health Services. “It basically allows us to get information about the true extent of the infection. The purpose of the test is to see if a person has developed antibodies as a result of being exposed to corona.”




  1. Doctor, when do you think covid 19 will be over?
    Doctor: I don’t know, I’m not much into politics

  2. Many did not go to their appointment but received a positive result anyhow. Actually this is safer than taking contaminated tests to make you sick to hype the numbers.

      • Right, only mainstream’s propaganda is the complete truth. You must know every person and every case in the world to make such a factual declaration.

        • I saw first hand how people are tested for coronavirus at the Hadassa Ein Keren Hospital in Yerushalaim. I trust those people’s integrity and professionalism. I don’t trust you and all those slandering and spreading false rumors, notwithstanding your piously eating gefiltefish and donning a shtreiml on Shabbos.
          Re. the coronavirus epidemics, I know personally enough people who died, or have been sick with the coronavirus. There are a bunch of reshaim commenting on the Matzav blog stating to the effect that the coronavirus doesn’t exist. I don’t know how many they are, they all call themselves “Anonymous”. It could be one and the same person, one can’t tell.


    • All the COVID-19 infection rates and number of cases by locale and nation are fabricated
    • All mortality rates by city, state and nation are falsified, most COVID-19 classified deaths are other causes of death
    • All coronavirus hospital admissions are either confusingly misrepresented, deliberately inflated or grossly exaggerated
    • All COVID-19 statistics officially issued by virtually every government within the world community of nations are either highly inaccurate, purposefully distorted or patently false

  4. The guy on the photo wearing a triple mask is 100% nuts. And these are they guys doing the tests !@#$% Will he live to see tomorrow?

  5. Thank you for the link to stateofthenation. I actually never heard of the website so I decided to check it out. They officially call themselves SOTN alternative news analysis and commentary. They pride themselves on “revealing the true state of the nation”. So I decided to find out what other truths they have found. They found many. Here is another truth they have discovered, the probable truth of blood libels. You don’t believe me? Here is the exact quote (copied and pasted for accuracy). ” That extremely harsh accusation, widely used by stalwart defenders of Israeli behavior, refers to the notorious Christian superstition, prevalent throughout most of the Middle Ages and even into more modern times, that Jews sometimes kidnapped small Christian children in order to drain their blood for use in various magic rituals, especially in connection with the Purim religious holiday. One of my more shocking discoveries of the last dozen years is that there is a fairly strong likelihood that these seemingly impossible beliefs were actually true.”
    It also claims that Jews engage in witchcraft and worship the satan and many other male and female gods. It calls the Talmud controversial and quotes many anti-Semitic beliefs as probable truths. It says many other “truths” about you and I. It is probably the most anti-Semitic article I have ever read. But it’s gotta be true, because you trust the publication and bring it as fact. The authors of the publication would probably love to see all of us burnt at the stake r”l, yet their word is holy! True and holy to the point that every word you claim is fact, and anyone who disagrees has to answer all your questions. Your questions are based on articles written by liars and haters, children of amalek. Yet you say that I am the one who has to answer your questions because whatever your anti-Semitic source says is indisputable. There are many other articles that expose more “truths” on that website. However, I could not bring myself to read any more on that Nazi website. But the other headlines I noticed there were also quite outrageous.
    You have been unmasked for the fraud you are. You have lost all credibility, unless of course it really is true that we kill goyim to use their blood for our rituals.
    Rachmana Litzlan from people who can trust such sources. The CDC may be liars, but they don’t compare to the evil of your sources.

    • They won’t believe you until they themselves get infected with the coronavirus. Then, they scream: Hashem, why are you doing this to me?

      • Corona is over. Not a single person came down with it since they opened Shuls before Shavuos. Not one! Those that were nifter from it r”l, had it from before Pesach and were hanging on till now. Hatzalah had B”H NO Covid related calls on the last few weeks. I don’t lnow what’s going on in Israel, but I live in Brooklyn and I’m telling you the truth.

  6. Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky: “Since the coronavirus has been made more severe by Heaven, we must certainly awaken and strengthen ourselves in what the heart knows is the will of its soul, specifically to protect the holiness of our synagogues and study halls” . He continues: “We must also remember that at this time the commandment upon us is to protect health as strictly as possible and God forbid to become relaxed about this.”

    Rabbi Meir Mazuz, a gadol in the ultra-Orthodox Sephardi community in EY decried what he said was people in the community trivializing the pandemic. “People are disparaging the [danger of] coronavirus, and we must not do this, especially in places which observe Torah and religious commandments,” said the rabbi.
    Copied and pasted from


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