Israel Comes to a Halt to Remember Holocaust


yad-vashemThe wail of sirens brought Israel to a standstill for two minutes today in remembrance of the six million kedoshim killed by the Nazis. Road traffic came to a halt and pedestrians stopped in their tracks, some with their heads bowed as the sirens wailed to mark Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Workers, office employees and even children at kindergartens stopped all activity for two minutes. At a clinic near Tel Aviv, a nurse held a syringe mid-air, only giving the injection after the sirens stopped.

Radio and television stations devoted their entire programming to the Holocaust.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, President Shimon Perez, Holocaust survivors, and other dignitaries attended a wreath-laying ceremony at Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial in Yerushalayim.

The Knesset mwas holding a sombre ceremony during which the names of Holocaust victims are read aloud.

Several other ceremonies are planned, notably at several kibbutzim founded by Holocaust survivors.

Some 207,000 Holocaust survivors live in Israel.

In a speech marking the start of the Holocaust commemoration, Prime Minister Netanyahu on Sunday recalled “the historic failure of the free societies when faced with the Nazi animal” in claiming the world now fails to show sufficient concern about the threat posed by Iran.

“The world is going about its business as though it’s a fuss about nothing… while (Iran) steps up its efforts to arm itself with nuclear weapons and threatens to wipe Israel off the map,” he said.

{AFP/Yair Israel}


  1. The only thing we can do now, is to improve our love and sincere caring to all nations and to their children. Not only should we speak with respect, but we should have true inner respect for all our fellow Human Beings.

    Then we can hope that HKB”H will never again (do Middoh Kneged Middoh) and will never again instigate them with hatred towards us.

  2. A moment of silence or wreath-laying ceremony is a non-Jewish way of remembrance. Torah Jews learn Mishnias or say Tehlim for a niftar.

  3. What you’re implying, takes courage and is quite straight-forward.

    But many times, although we are saddened and we wonder, yet the simple explanations to horrifying events, escape us.

    Yes, we do need much improvement in our behavior to Non-Yidden.

  4. I find it quiet silly that Jews should follow goyish rituals when we have our own Mishpatim Tzadikim that the nations all take from.
    Another thing, I was just wondering if he mentioned how the zionists ignored the plight of the european jews, and got in the way of those trying to help – and the lessons we all can learn from that.

  5. i dont think all this is allowed in chodesh nisson. look at the kinos in 9 b’av it dedicats that day to hollocast. btw the only one who can say never again is the holy one bib”H so insted of standing shtoimim, lets PRAY!!!!!!!

  6. HaLeiVi (#5):

    The zionists didnt just ignore the plight and get in the way of rescuing European Jewry. The zionists assisted the Nazis in liquidating Hungarian Jewry!

  7. Unfortunately, Israel is not a religous country. The choice of approach to Holocaust commemoration is just one aspect of this fact. However, it is far better to commemorate and remember than to ignore and forget. Give credit where it is due

  8. #1 &#4
    I find it pathetic that while the Germans and a plethora of other nations were involved in the annihilation of the 6 million Jews you are advocating we behave with more respect towards non-Jews.
    We need to act with derech eretz to Jew and non-Jew alike, but what has that got to do with the Holocaust?
    It’s poor disgust when you say middah kneged middah of Jews’ behavior to the gassing and mass murders of innocent Jews.
    Do not think for a moment that you can chanfah the goyim. This is GOLUS. Hashem should watch over His children.

  9. To #9:

    Yes, he does. Read Perfidy by Ben Hecht, there is substantial evidence that Rudolf Kastner, who was a Zionist leader in Hungary, assisted the Nazis in misleading the Jews of his town in exchange for the Nazis letting him, his family and his Zionist colleagues escape Hungary by train. While other Jews from other locations bribed their way and the way of important community and rabbinic leaders onto that train as well, the only one who collaborated with the Nazis in exchange for passage was Kastner and the Zionist hierarchy who knew the details.

    we need to DO deeds in their names. Deeds are living, and therefore it brings credit to the kedoshim’s lives.
    you can do many mitzvos in their names

  11. the shita of the gedolei hador is well known:yom hashoa is tisha b’av not chof ches nisson.when the brisker rav ztz”l(who’s wife and 3 of his children were killed by the nazis ym’sh v’zichrom,)was asked if a day of mourning for the yidden should be established he said that the time is tisha b’av.
    when did the secular yiddishe reshoim decide to have it be on 28 nisson? 28 nisson was the start of the warsaw ghetto uprising.they(the secular israelis) looked at what had happened and said” we died because we were jews?we should’ve been goyim. the one thing they liked was the fighting. yeah that was good they said , we fought. so like a bunch of goyim , set the day the fighting started as yom hashoa. they didn’t care about yidden dying al kiddush hashem. that wasn’t heroism.fighting was.( i’m not coming to say that the warsaw ghetto uprising was wrong. it is said that it was al pi the psak of hagaon rav menachem ziemba zt”l hy” ”al todin es chavercha ad shetagia lemikomo”. i’m coming to show what the whole purpose of yom hashoa was:to give secular israelis a day to pretend that they are helping them in shamayim) and another thing this siren keeping quiet for 2 minutes thing:throw it out the window.”dos iz ah goyishe zach”. learn some torah l’iluy nishmas the kedoshim hy”d. yes, even you the secular jews.(heard from a reliable source, shlita)


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