Israel Comes to the Aid of the Faltering Palestinian Economy

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Faced with increasingly dire economic conditions in the Palestinian territories, Israel is trying to keep the cash-strapped Palestinian Authority afloat as donor aid plummets. That assistance is forecast to fall to $600 million this year, less than half the amount three years ago, according to the World Bank, the WSJ reports.

Under the Oslo Accords, Israel levies taxes on goods and services imported into the territories, and collects health, social security and other benefits from firms in Israel that employ Palestinians. Using that mechanism, Israel so far this year has transferred $262 million, nearly 8% of total Palestinian revenues, to the PA.

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  1. are they stupid or insane to support terrorists who go against them & try to kill them & won’t even make peace with them?

    do you know of anyone in the world who is stupid & crazt enough to help his ENEMY business competitor when he is going broke or in trouble?

  2. crazy-If the PA is short of money it’s only because Abbas and his sons and cronies are taking a lot for themselves and they still are paying MILLIONS of dollars a month to murderers of Jews .


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