Israel Committed To Treating Syrian War Wounded

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Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu said Sunday that Israel remained committed to treating war wounded from Syria and reaffirmed his support for last week’s US air strike in the neighboring country.

In comments at the start of a cabinet meeting, Netanyahu did not specify whether those injured in last week’s suspected chemical attack in Syria would be among those treated in Israel.

Israeli media reported that a proposal to do so had been met with objections from some government and security officials due to logistical difficulties, with the location far from Israeli territory.

Israel has treated more than 3,000 war wounded from Syria in what it describes as a humanitarian gesture. Read more at The Daily Mail.



  1. First class idiots.
    There are 22 Arab countries and one Israel. We have israeli jewish children in need of food and instead they want to feed and import these Syrian kids raised on hatred of Jews. The medical care in israel needs massive improvement. Before helping your enemies help your own people. This is the sick liberal mentality.


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