Israel Complains to UN Over Rocket Fire

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netanyahu-banIsrael’s Ambassador to the United Nations Meron Reuven filed an official complaint today with United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon following the rocket attacks from the Gaza Strip since Thursday.

In a letter to the secretary-general, Reuven wrote that the attack included phosphorus shells, and stressed that Israel will continue to practice its right for self defense while using all necessary means to protect its citizens.

Reuven warned that the recent escalation was endangering the stability in the region, and that the attacks proved Hamas and other terrorist organizations were continuing to arm.

Reuven stressed that the latest incidents were in violation of international law, and represent the security threat Israel is facing on a daily basis.

Two Grad rockets and seven mortar shells have been fired toward the western Negev and Gaza vicinity communities since Thursday. No injuries or damage were recorded in any of the incidents.

In the past year, Israel has filed complains to the United Nations following every rocket fire from the Gaza Strip or southern Lebanon.

Prior to the official letter of complaint, the IDF attacked the Gaza Strip twice on Friday. Air Force planes bombed smuggling tunnels in the south of the Strip.

Palestinian sources reported that Hamas evacuated its bases, fearing additional IDF strikes. Earlier, the IDF bombed three targets in Gaza and Palestinians reported six injuries.



  1. All acts of violence must be condemned in the region. The issue of how the land is controlled, managed and used in Judea and Samaria/The West Bank can be resolved. It requires leadership, co-operation and obedience from all of the parties. There is a way out of the morass. The vacuum at the top leads to the darkness filling the gaps in time and space.

  2. Maybe, then, a two state solution would be advantageous to Israel after all. They would be able to call attacks like this an act of war from a sovereign country, and respond to the State’s aggression.


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