Israel Concerned Over Fresh UN Initiative after Paris Conference

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Israel’s UN ambassador Danny Danon raised concern over possible moves at the Security Council to adopt a new measure to build on the Paris Middle East conference, AFP reports.

“We are witnessing an attempt to promote a last-minute initiative before the new U.S. administration takes office,” Danon said. “Supporters of the Palestinians are looking for further anti-Israel measures at the Security Council.”

The council is planning to meet on Tuesday to discuss the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Meanwhile, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry spoke to Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu on Sunday afternoon and promised the Paris peace conference will not lead to further action at the UN or in any other international forums. He added that should any resolution be put forward during that time, the U.S. would oppose it.

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  1. Friday is going to be political triple witching hour.
    Mexico, EU & the Arab world will be in for a whirlwind.
    Hold on to your hats.


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