Israel: Health Ministry Reports 1,039 New Virus Cases, Death Toll Jumps To 473

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Israel’s Health Ministry on Monday said that 1,039 new cases of the novel coronavirus have been recorded over the past 24 hours, bringing the total number of active cases in the country to 35,076.

The ministry also noted that death toll in Israel as of Monday morning now stands at 473 after five fatalities were confirmed since the previous morning.

At least 62,626 Israelis have been infected by COVID-19 since the outbreak of the pandemic in mid-March, while 27,025 have recovered from the disease.

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  1. There’s always people dying in the world, including Israel. Why didn’t you report the number of deaths last year and the years before? Actually, this year far far far fewer people died in Israel than any other year. Stop this fear mongering. Nobody will start wearing dangerous masks because of it anyhow. NOBODY DIED OF THIS NEW NON-EXISTENT CORONA VIRUS. SO STOP THE FEAR MONGERING! The more hype, the more lies and the more sheeple go back into their caves.

    • The Rambam in פרק א’ מהלכות תענית הלכה ג writes:

      אבל אם לא יזעקו ולא יריעו אלא יאמרו דבר זה ממנהג העולם אירע לנו וצרה זו נקרה נקרית, הרי זו דרך אכזריות וגורמת להם להדבק במעשיהם הרעים ותוסיף הצרה צרות אחרות, הוא שכתוב בתורה והלכתם עמי בקרי והלכתי עמכם בחמת קרי, כלומר כשאביא עליכם צרה כדי שתשובו אם תאמרו שהוא קרי אוסיף לכם חמת אותו קרי.

      Your post personifies the words of the Rambam.

        • The post is saying that there is no disease and more people died last year than this year. That is denying that there is a gezaira from Shomayim, and saying it is a מקרה. That is אכזריות. I am sorry that I didn’t transalate the Rambam for you.


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