Israel Exploring Possibility Of Sending Astronaut To International Space Station

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international-space-stationThe Israel Space Agency (ISA) is in preliminary talks with U.S., European, Russian, and Chinese space agencies to explore sending an Israeli astronaut to the International Space Station.

“All the flights to the space station are fully booked for at least two years,” Dr. Yitzchak Ben-Yisrael, head of the ISA, told the Jerusalem Post. “But if we want a second Israeli astronaut, we have to start talking now.”

The news that Israel is seeking to send another astronaut comes eleven years after the tragic death of Colonel Ilan Ramon, the first Israeli in space, in the Columbia shuttle disaster. Despite Ramon’s death, Ben-Yisrael believes that there will be many candidates interested in going to space, including air force pilots like Ramon or teachers, scientists, and other professions.


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  1. #3 both space shuttle s that exploded and blew up had yidden on it (shuttle Columbia and one other)

    HASHEM put us on earth don’t try to leave to another planet (Hashem has his goyish messengers for that)

    Is that enough proof?

  2. far as we know…planet earth is where people live.Heaven is also a place to live, that is….after you leave THIS EARTH.
    IF Hashem had wanted us to be successful in finding different planets to live on, we would have long been there. So far…just a waste of time, lives and money…to be put to much better use,

  3. #6: Fourteen Jewish astronauts went into space. Two died.

    That is no proof of anything.

    #8: You should understand that Aretz does not mean earth and Shomayim does not mean “heaven”.

    Please provide a reference from Tanach and/or Hallachah that it is prohibited for a Jew to go to space.


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