Israel Exposes Hamas Terrorist Payment Network in Eastern Jerusalem

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Israel’s Shin Bet security agency on Tuesday unveiled the discovery of a complex money-transferring scheme run by the Gaza-ruling Palestinian terror group Hamas.

Hamas operatives in Gaza used the network to send funds to families of Palestinian terrorists residing in eastern Jerusalem. The Israel Police and the Shin Bet uncovered the scheme in a joint operation. Security forces Monday raided eight eastern Jerusalem homes of families receiving the terror funds. At least $30,000 in cash and a vehicle were seized in the raids.

Among those receiving the Hamas funds was the mother of Tarek Abu-Arafa, who was involved in the 1994 kidnapping and murder of IDF soldier Nachson Wachsman.

“The involvement of Jerusalem residents in these kind of activities that are funded by Hamas is a severe felony,” the Israel Police said in a statement.

The incident follows the Shin Bet’s announcement in early August that it had uncovered an intricate money laundering scheme run by Hamas, in which some $200,000 was illegally transferred to the terror group from Turkey.





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