Israel Fire Department Cracks Down On Beards

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Israel Firefighters Department head Dedi Simchi stated that from now on firefighters will be forbidden to grow beards. He demanded that commanders enforce the decision and take disciplinary action against any firefighter who grows a beard.

Under the new directive, students in the firefighters’ course will have to sign a document agreeing that they will not grow out their facial hair.

The decision was made despite attempts to reach a compromise with Chief Rabbi David Lau following the resignation of Rabbi Menachem Perl as the rabbi of the Israel Firefighters Department.

Read more at Arutz Sheva.



    • No, silly .

      Beards can interfere with mask placement and equipment. It may also catch on fire if it’s of sufficient length.
      Some common sense.. please

      Not everything is שמד

  1. The fire department is saying it is dangerous to have hair on your face when you are fighting a fire, for the hair on your face, or long hair can catch on fire from the fire plus the heat of the fire. This makes it dangerous for the fire fighter and the people around him, and if the hair is on fire it interferes with the fire fighter and the people around him and stops them from doing their work. Would you like, while your house is on fire, they have to stop and take care of the fire fighters on fire before they put out your house fire ???? Think about it.

  2. That’s a great idea. Yeshiva boys should grow long beards and long peyos. This way they will not be able to draft them into the army.

  3. If they have a similar policy towards ponytails than previous posters are right. If this only applies to beards, this is Shmad.

  4. Will female fire fighters have to shave their hair as well. This is all part of shmad. In Chassidic monroe and other Chassidic areas there are fireman who have beards. This is all discrimination. Never forget that the atheistic tziyonim have one goal. To destroy Torah Judaism. Don’t be fooled by their facades of acting pro frum. They hate us more than they hate the Arabs.


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