Israel Foiled Hamas Terror Plot Planned Around National Election, Shin Bet Reveals

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The Shin Bet announced on Sunday that it prevented a severe terror attack planned around election day after uncovering a Hamas network in the West Bank.

On March 31, Shin Bet arrested 23-year-old Yihya Abu Dia, an operative recruited by the Gaza-based Islamist group to carry out a suicide attack near the time of the Israel’s April 9 national elections. Abu Dia had been in online contact with senior Hamas operatives in the Gaza Strip who instructed him to purchase a car and rent a storage room in order to prepare a car bomb and conduct surveillance activity to identify an ideal attack point in the Ma’aleh Adumim area concentrated with buses, soldiers and civilians.

“Hamas’ terrorist infrastructure in the Gaza Strip is constantly recruiting Hamas operatives  to carry out murderous terror attacks in order to undermine security stability in the region,” a Shin Bet source stated.

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