Israel: For 2nd Day In Row New Virus Cases Top 500, Number Of Seriously Ill Slowly Rises

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The daily caseload from a resurgence of the coronavirus continued to rise with 521 new coronavirus cases diagnosed on Tuesday for the second day in the row, with those two days being the only days that the figure was above 500 in recent months.

Health Ministry figures released Wednesday showed that the number of serious cases had risen to 40, up by two from the day before, which was already the highest number since May.

There are 3,274 active virus cases in the country, the Health Ministry data showed, while the death toll remained steady at 6,429.

The so-called coronavirus cabinet, a narrow forum of ministers tasked with forming virus policy, convened to discuss reintroducing some restrictions in order to curb the recent surge in cases after a meeting the night before ended without any decisions.

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    • Nothing to do with the awful gov, nothing to do with the awful vaccines, as alex Berenson has said and proved over and over – it’s summer and covid is seasonal… There’s a reason the WHO and fraudci keep advising everyone to say indoors even though the history of the Spanish flu shows us the best place to be is outside and in sunlight. How else can you maintain control and let China take over? You want a healthy population, get moving in the sunlight!

  1. Re “ Interesting that this all started right after the new government started

    Interesting that you commented so soon after the new government started.

  2. The jabbed are infecting the unjabbed. So it is not surprising the amount of cases have increased. But of course the Erev Rav will lie and blame it on the unjabbed.


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