Israel Gives Back Terrorist Body, Palestinians Glorify Bloodthirsty Murderer

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On Thursday, Israel gave over the body of terrorist Baha Alyan to the Palestinian Authority for burial.

WAFA, the official PA news service, honored the terrorist, writing that: “Martyr Baha Alyan ascended to Heaven last Oct. 13 [2015], after he carried out a stabbing and shooting operation together with prisoner Bilal Ghanem on an Israeli bus.”

The PA news agency assumed that stabbing Israeli civilians on a Yerushalayim bus makes Alyan worthy of “ascending to Heaven.”

Fatah posted on its Facebook page the picture of the terrorist, calling him a “heroic Martyr.”

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. Must be the same heavens of a former German chancellor, jeebus crust, etc. Perhaps the “ascend” is like the satellite disposal orbits, that are higher. Good riddance. Makes no difference that wafa spent words: he can not hurt anyone any more. Again, good riddance and G-d is judging him.

  2. Israel shouldn’t be giving back any terrorists’ bodies until Hadar Golden and Oron Shaul’s HY”D bodies are returned by the PA. It’s way past the time for being nice. They need to be given a taste of their own despicable medicine.


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