Israel: Half A Million People Eligible To Carry Guns In New Law Aimed At Stopping Terrorism

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Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan announced Monday that over half a million Israelis will now be eligible for firearm permits after the government decided to ease gun restrictions for the country’s hundreds of thousands of infantry veterans.

Under Erdan’s reform, Israelis who served in infantry units are immediately eligible to carry firearms. Additionally, police officers who have received similar training, military officers ranked first lieutenant or higher, and non-commissioned officers ranked first sergeant or higher will no longer have to relinquish their weapon upon completion of service.

The reform, which immediately went into effect upon announcement, comes with the stated purpose of arming trained civilians and military personnel for more immediate response to terror attacks.


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  1. This is long overdue. Israel has always been a target of terrorists and the populace must be armed to protect itself. Any other approach is insane and suicidal.

  2. It’s about time. Instead of following the liberal sick ideas of gun control and hundreds of Jews get murdered in Israel over last two decades it’s time to be Jews.

    • A military state means a state under military dictatorship; and as such, the civilian population is usually disarmed in order to facilitate control. Hence, an armed civilian population is the opposite of a military state.


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