Israel: Hateful Beliefs About Jews Are Ingrained into Palestinian Psyche


abbasFueling months of chronic rioting and terrorist attacks by Palestinians is a widespread and systematic campaign of the dehumanization of Jews, who must be eradicated “by any means necessary,” Strategic Affairs Ministry Director-General Brig.-Gen. (res.) Yossi Kuperwasser said this week.

Core tenets comprising the Palestinians’ “psychological infrastructure” include the belief that Jews are “defiling” Jerusalem “with their presence,” and if you kill them you will “become a hero.”

These hateful beliefs are ingrained into the Palestinian psyche at birth, via textbooks, social media, cultural activities, and PA President Mahmoud Abbas.

Abbas is culpable for this narrative because he is contributing to it by commending killed terrorists, while implicitly stating that “this is what you are expected to do.”

“In the morning Abbas says we don’t want escalation, and in the evening he says, ‘by all means necessary’,” Kuperwasser explained.

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. Dormantly, this is not the psyche of the arab world but it is the Psychosis.

    This is the horror based on eyes that are not healed by human interest.

    Terror comes when death is a fad ination.

    This is psychosis and it should be addressed.

  2. Unfortunatly, it is not just the Palistineans who are blinded by hatred. We know that “halacah yadoah shEisav soneh liYaakov”. All the goyim hate us, they are just more open about it.


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