Israel: Health Experts Warn Hospitals May Be Overwhelmed In Next Two Weeks

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Israeli lawmakers were warned on Thursday that hospitals across the country could be overwhelmed within two weeks as the number of new coronavirus cases continues to climb.

Researchers at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem predict that the country will have more than 600 severe cases in mid-September, up from 426 on Wednesday, and that medical centers could run out of resources.

Moreover, their study finds that government health policies put in place this summer have failed to curb the spread of the virus.

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    • Israel is holier than thou. They’re taking it much more seriously than in the US or elsewhere. Perhaps because it’s harder to apprehend the Mossad criminals than the Deep State criminals in the US and elsewhere. Which is PRECISELY the reason for the upcoming lockdown where anti-groups will be strictly imposed, esp in shuls and weddings. NOTHING TO DO WITH MEDICAL SICKNESS. DON’T LET YOURSELF BE FOOLED!

  1. This is from “health experts” aka politicians who never even contacted any hospitals as some have personally verified in major hospitals in Israel. Many hospitals in Israel are as empty as many in the US.

    Empty hospitals all over! Covid is Fake news
    Baltimore Washington Medical Center for coronavirus patients is completely empty.

    Could they list some names of people who died from coronavirus and did not have existing illness, flu shot or were murdered in hospitals since many people don’t know anyone?

  2. A Chareidi nurse I know who works in Yerusahalayim hospital says that the system is falling apart, there iarent enough resources and staff to care for all the sick people. Who wants to care for a Covid patient? Who wants the risk of bringing it home? Would you volunteer to bathe and change diapers of a Covid patient? This is serious. Please dont mock.
    The public who refuse to abide by the recommendations are endangering themselves and others. they are surprised when they get sick and if they need intensive care, they become a great burden to their families and the health care system. If they chas veshalom dont make it their families suffer even more. Do you want your wife and children to be a story on Kupat HaIr?
    Please follow every guideline as if your life depends on it, Consider it a Yerida LeTzorech Aliya .


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