Israel: Hospitals Ordered To Reopen Coronavirus Wards As More Cases Mount

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As Israel prepares for a possible second wave of the novel coronavirus, the Health Ministry has been accused of providing conflicting messages.

The ministry ordered hospitals to prepare for reopening of coronavirus wards due to increasing morbidity in recent weeks, Hebrew-language outlet Haaretz reported.

On the other end, Associate Director-General Prof Itamar Grotto told Israel’s public radio Kan that “there is no reason to go backwards, we can open the economy. We need to get used to living with the coronavirus, and yet fight [it] as we know — with epidemiological investigations, patient tracing and usage of masks.”

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  1. I wish people would have the brains and courage to ask doctors what coronavirus is instead of letting them fool you by saying “it’s a coronavirus infection” / “tested positive” / “tested negative”. Don’t expect an answer. You might get killed though for such heretical questions. If they say “it’s the flu” ask them what exactly is the difference, why the name change, why nobody has the flu anymore since Jan. 2020, why the hype?

    • The apathy in Israel is too strong to do such a bold step and find out the truth. They just follow along without asking questions. In the US many doctors who are asked about coronavirus laugh at your naivete in your face. Which is why the US can have protests, rallies and whatnot while in Israel front doors are still bolted up.


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