Israel in Moscow Talks to Halt Supply of Missiles to Syrian Regime


missileTop-level Israeli intelligence figures flew to Moscow this week in an attempt to talk the Kremlin out of supplying sophisticated anti-aircraft missiles to the Assad regime, which once installed in Syria would have the range and power to target civilian and military aircraft over Tel Aviv. Israeli diplomats will continue to work both privately and publicly to prevent the transfer. Israel has read Moscow’s insistence on pursuing its deal to supply Damascus with the powerful missile systems as part of a “cold war” power struggle between the U.S. and Russia.

A senior Israeli diplomat told the Guardian, “I don’t know how upset the Russians would be if, at some point between payment and the installation of this technology in Damascus by Russian experts, something was done to damage the weaponry. As long as no Russians were hurt and they got paid, I don’t think they would care.”
Yuval Steinitz, Israel’s minister of strategic affairs and intelligence, warned on Tuesday that Russia’s S-300s could be fed through Damascus back to Assad’s allies in Iran.

{ Israel News Bureau}


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