Israel in Mourning: Thousands Attend Levaya of the Atias Family

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attias-familyThousands attended the heart-rending levaya today of the Attias family, as the eight members of the family, killed in a car crash near Tiveriah overnight Monday, were brought to rest at the cemetery in Tzefas on Tuesday.

The niftarim are Rafi and Yehudit, the parents, aged 42, their daughter, Avia, 17, twin sons Shimon and Elyshav, 16, Shira, 11, Tair, 9, and Noa, 5, from the small village of Bar Yochai. Rachel Atias, 7, was the only member of the family to survive the crash.

Transportation Ministry Director General Uzi Yitzchaki appointed a special committee to investigate possible negligence that may have led to the tragic car crash that killed eight members of the Attias family early Tuesday.

The committee will look into the vehicle’s maintenance records, inspection records, and the center that tested, and passed, the vehicle just months before the fatal accident. The team is expected to deliver results within a day.

An initial investigation into the cause of the crash, which occured on a winding road near Tiberias, pointed to a brake failure.

The head of the agency that issues driver’s licenses will head the committee.

The appointment may turn out to be a conflict of interest as the agency could be implicated, Maariv reported.

Authorities indicated that Attias’s Mitsubishi had passed a mandatory yearly inspection three months ago, bringing new questions about the incident to the fore.

They also believe the high speed of the car – which was traveling some 80 miles per hour when it veered off the road – was a result of the malfunction of the brakes rather than the fault of the driver.

Authorities believe that Attias lost control of the car near Tiberias after the brakes malfunctioned, and that the wheels caught fire after the car hit the highway’s concrete separation barrier. The car then jumped to the opposite side of the highway, broke through a fence, and raced through a field where it ultimately rolled into a swale and flipped over.

Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu, speaking in Jerusalem Wednesday evening, sent condolences to the survivor, Rachel, who is set to be released from the hospital Wednesday.

“Rachel, the entire nation is with you. We are all hugging you,” he said.

{Yair Israel, Times of Israel}


  1. this is tragic , IT BRING tears to my eyes
    why did this have to happen?
    BOTH parents & 6 children were niftar


    are we going to EVER get hashems wake-up call for teshuva? or will we just let it pass & think we can fool Hashem like we don’t know why such tragic events happen R”L?

    TZAROS in klal yisroel is getting worse & worse by the day ALL due to one reason

    HOW much more tzaros will need to happen C”V before we do teshuva? that is up to us. it can all end today.

    MAY ALL THEIR NESHAMOS HAVE AN ALIYA & may we all do teshuva so these tragedies never happen again C”V

  2. Baruch Dayan Haemes.
    Tradgedies keep on happening to klal yisrael. Hashem is trying to give us a message but we are all not listening so He’s sending us more! how many more do we need till we wake up to the calls? how many more precious neshamos do we need to loose? Everyone must work on themself and help stop these tzaros and bring Moshiach soon!

  3. just HOLD your words until they are only ones of Ahava and Toras emes. what else can you do for the girl and for am yisroel. what else does hakodosh boruch hu want except for us to learn to love each other. one way is to watch what we comment on these websites. hold your thoughts until you can respond like a true yid. our hearts and beings are hugging this child, but we must get a hold of our actions.

  4. May Hashem comfort this 7 year old girl. Hashem Yirachem.

    Dovid: Perhaps it is better to make a cheshbon hanefesh rather than calling out to others.

    If we each bring about our individual geulah, Hashem will bring out Am Yisroel.

  5. To #1 David: I see that you use different names in order to give the same rant, time & again. You keep spewing the same arrogant nonsense on every article on Matzav. Please tell all of us, what are YOU doing on the internet? You, the one dishing it out. What are you doing wasting time on the internet?
    Grow up already!


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