Israel Is Now More Kosher

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Haaretz, no great friend of the religious world, claims that non-kosher food has become less prevalent on the Israeli scene.

For one reason or another, perhaps “merely part of a greater move toward embracing religion, the fact is that the country has never been more kosher,” says an article titled, “Farewell, Shrimp and Pork: Israel Really Is Becoming More Kosher.”

On two of Israel’s three most popular food websites, the last shrimp recipe dates back to 2012 and on a third a year earlier.

A growing number of new restaurants and eateries are now kosher in a decade-long “tsunami,” and many of them are excellent. Even in Tel Aviv, Israel’s most secular city, it is increasingly hard to find pork products and Israel appears headed back to the days before the mass Russian immigration of the 1990s when the public sphere was totally kosher.

According to the Helgi data library, the consumption of pork in Israel declined from an average of five pounds per capita in 2014 to three pounds in 2019.

“We’re definitely on a kashrut trend,” renowned chef Yisroel Aharoni says. “The first books I published came out in both kosher and nonkosher form, but there’s no such animal now. There are no nonkosher cookbooks in Israel today — they won’t sell — but there used to be.”

“Most bloggers have completely stopped publishing nonkosher recipes, out of fear [of losing traffic],” food blogger Rottem Lieberson said, adding, “There’s a trend here and I can’t understand what happened, and you even see it in left-wing bloggers who never observed kashrut. Recently, I posted a dairy-meat recipe and was cursed in the feed.”

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  1. It’s becoming more kosher as treif is becoming more unhealthy. There’s reason why McDonalds and other non-kosher restaurants and take-out food have been shut down or burnt down and non-Jews are looking out for kosher foods.

    Tucker says packaged foods which says “sustainable” is actually “you get to eat cricketz, as in chirping insects. They put them into flour, cotton candies, snacks.” Dr. Marc Siegel says, “The insects are high in protein, low in fat, low in carbohydrates, and they already eat them in Africa, Asia and Mexico. It’s getting in the food, in the growing process, in the processing process. The problem is that the FDA is very lax about it. The FDA allows up to 450 insect parts in a box of spaghetti, 30 insect parts in a chocolate bar, 30 insect parts in a jar of peanut butter, in spices, in almost anything you can name there are insect parts in there.” Trucker, “Not long until it’s rats, the new white meat…”



  2. When asked in a national survey whether they agreed with the article in Haaretz that says Israel is becoming more kosher, 99.9% of Israeli poll respondents said: “We can’t tell you whether we agree with the article because we don’t read non-kosher news publications.”


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