Israel Joining 5G Revolution With Launch Of Deployment Tender

Verizon Communications Inc. 5G wireless signage is displayed at the company's booth during the Mobile World Congress Americas in Los Angeles, California, U.S. Photographer: Patrick T. Fallon/Bloomberg
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The tender for deploying 5G infrastructure in Israel will open on Tuesday and it is nothing short of a historic moment. 5G, the fifth generation technology standard for cellular networks, is set to dramatically upgrade telecommunication capabilities in the country, turning smart cities, telemedicine, and autonomous vehicles into a reality.

Three groups, all from Israel’s telecom industry, are set to enter the bidding war. One group will include Partner and HOT Mobile, another Cellcom and XFONE, with Pelephone the only one of the cellular companies to enter the race by itself. The tender will be managed by Tal Elimelech, senior director for regulation and economy at the Ministry of Communication.

The telecom companies are entering the tender in a difficult situation, with their financial position being precarious even prior to the Covid-19 crisis. Deploying 5G infrastructure requires vast funds, but while none of the CEOs of the companies has yet to provide an answer regarding where the money will come from, none of them could afford to stay out of the race.

While the deployment is expensive, 5G also provides the companies with an opportunity to better their financial situation after the price war for cellular services significantly reduced their revenue. At least initially, companies will be able to offer 5G as a premium service and charge an added price. However, once all the companies will be able to provide a similar level of service, the competition is set to bring down prices once more. The main income for whoever wins the tender will derive from leasing of 5G frequencies to other companies rather than selling use-cases directly to the average client.

The tender includes three ranges of frequencies: 700, 2,600, and 3,500. The 700 frequency range will be used for the foundation of the network and can also be utilized for both 4G and 5G. The 2,600 frequency range is meant to initially provide services for 4G and ultimately 5G once the transfer is complete, while the 3,500 range is assigned entirely for 5G use-cases.

There are plenty of frequencies on offer to satisfy all the companies, but it remains to be seen whether the ministry will ensure they are all granted some access to 5G or if one of the groups will be left empty-handed.

The time frame of the tender depends on the demand and conduct of the bidders. In Germany, a similar tender took two months to complete, while in Italy it was done within two weeks. Should the groups agree to equally share the frequencies the tender is expected to be completed quickly, with each group set to pay in the region of NIS 60 million (approximately $17.5 million).

The companies won’t need to pay the ministry until September 2022 and are supposed to be refunded for the deployment from the 2022 state budget. The companies will need to pay a toll of NIS 80 million ($23.4 million) a year for the use of the new frequencies in addition to the NIS 320 million ($93.6 million) they currently fork out. According to the tender, the winners can receive a 28% reduction for the first four years, subject to government approval. The winners will be required to complete the deployment within five years and begin providing 5G services within 18 months of the start of the deployment. The total cost of the deployment is estimated at NIS 2 billion ($585 million).

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  1. an alternative headline could’ve been “Israel Issues Tender To Sell all Secrets to an Ally Of Iran”

  2. 5G will finish us off. If you thought corona was bad, just wait till they foist 5G on civilization. That will be the end of us. We will all die. 5G is even worse than taking a flu shot. Another evil plot by the deep state, who want complete domination over the sheeple. Scary times.

    • Silly, 5G radiation “IS” Corona (הקרנה is the Hebrew word for radiation) which is why so many Israelis (like other countries) are sick with radiation symptoms, aka corona symptoms. They keep talking about “another wave” – as in radiation waves.
      Read this: Residents Burn Down 5G Towers Claims They Are Causing Coronavirus Spread

      • You must have missed the part where most of the burnt towers are actually 4G towers that ignorant people have mistaken for 5G. Corona is called that because the virus itself is covered with little corona shapes, (corona is the Latin word for crown). Coughing, sore throat, loss of taste and smell, congestion, and a runny nose are all corona symptoms that are not radiation sickness symptoms. Yes, disease waves and radiation waves share the word wave. However, this doesn’t mean they are related. The ocean also has waves, maybe 5G squirts water? Do you think that waving your hand back and forth causes radiation somehow? Most countries don’t have 5G networks yet, and those that do only have it in a very limited area. If 5G somehow causes Corona, why do countries without 5G have corona? after all, radiation sickness is not transmissible. Why didn’t the epidemic start 3 years ago, when the first 5G towers went up?

  3. Proof that covid 19 isn’t caused by 5G technology, because Israel also suffers from the virus, sans 5G. Any explanation, conspiracy theorists?

    • Are you saying that Israel doesn’t have 5G? Are you sleeping???? They sure do and probably more than the rest of the world. Israel has installed 5G towers all over and Israelis suffer from it too. See post 5:44.

      • Did you read the article? Why would they be opening up bidding on a contract to install the 5G network if they already have a 5G network?


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