Israel May Have Fabricated Kidnapping, Says Palestinian FM


palestinian-authority-foreign-affairs-minister-riyad-al-malikiPalestinian Authority Foreign Minister Riyad Al-Maliki claimed this week that Israel may have staged the kidnapping of the three Israeli teenagers 10 days ago to deflect international criticism from it, arguing that the Jewish state had no proof that Hamas was behind the abduction.

“They [the Israelis] have no proof that Hamas is behind this operation, as they have failed to provide any proof indicating this,” Maliki told Saudi daily A-Sharq Al-Awsat from Jedda, where he, with PA President Mahmoud Abbas, was visiting last week.

“In the absence of proof, there are three possible scenarios for the issue: The kidnapping could be a childish game on the part of Israel to draw attention to it, it could be part of a larger game to turn the Israelis from aggressors to victims, or maybe they were really kidnapped,” Maliki said.

Even if the three teenagers were indeed abducted, the foreign minister continued, they could have been victims of “Jewish criminals, Palestinian criminals or Palestinian-Jewish criminals” who carried out the kidnapping “for their own personal goals.” The abduction could have also been carried out by “various Palestinian factions,” he said.

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  1. Maybe gilad shalit was a fabricated kidnapping too. Maybe we traded fabricated prisoners for Shalit. maybe the whole idea of peace between Israel and Palestine was fabricated.

  2. What else is new? Does anyone expect anything different from these Yimach Shemam’s? … The Holocaust is also a fabricated schema!

  3. OMG…really…staging this?
    I guess we are the one’s caught staging stuff over the years..yup, it’s us …oh wow, we just got caught in the act.
    oiy oiy oiy…gules gules ve grois bisti.


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