Israel National Lottery Sponsors Chiddushei Torah

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To promote Israel National Lottery’s Keneh Lecha Chaver chiddushei Torah contest, which grants a first prize of 25,000 shekels, lottery chairman Uzi Dayan toured Bnei Brak’s yeshivos and met the rosh yeshiva of Ponevezh Rav Berel Povarski, who is chairman of the lottery contest’s judge committee.

“The National Lottery invests a great deal in the community, principally by construction of classrooms, schools and public buildings for the benefit of the community,” Dayan said. “With the view that it is not enough to only invest in material things, the National Lottery initiated the Torah essay contest. The National Lottery sees great importance in maintaining the continued study of Torah which distinguishes the Jewish people. It is a great source of pride for the Lottery that so far, over 6,500 Torah essays have been written as part of the contest.”

David Steger – Israel News Bureau


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