Israel Nixes Raid On Terrorist After Facebook Leak

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facebookThe Israeli military called off a raid in Palestinian territory after a soldier posted details, including the time and place, on social networking website Facebook, Army Radio reported today. The soldier — since relieved of combat duty — described in a status update how his unit planned a “clean-up” arrest raid in a West Bank area, the radio station said. Facebook friends then reported him to military authorities.

Israel says raids in the West Bank are aimed at detaining militants suspected of planning attacks on Israelis.

{Reuters/Yair Israel}


  1. This stupid kid is a traitor and a Rotzeiach. Why do people think they can post anything on Facebook? I’m appalled that this happened. Are soldiers so stupid? What was he thinking?!

  2. You think the kid did it on purpose? chill out. but let us take a lesson from this about the dangers of the internet!

  3. The “kid” is a soldier. If he is a kid and doesn’t know what he is doing he has no place in the Army. He was obviously trusted enough to be placed on a mission to go into the west bank so don’t give me this “kid” business.

  4. What this kid did is just like if someone took out a TV advertisement and broadcasted to the world what the Army was doing. He belongs in jail.

  5. Hey genius what if someone posted your social security # on his facebook page. Would you say chill? Its no big deal he didn’t mean it? You realize that Facebook is public? He put his fellow soldiers lives at stake. Not only should we not “chill” this is very very serious! An army can’t operate if their plans can’t stay secret.

  6. Facebook is one of the biggest Machlas that hit our velt. Do you know how many kids bum out and start hanging out with girls…because of facebook?


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