Israel: No One Is in Danger from Trump Intelligence Incident



Ron Dermer, Israel’s ambassador to the U.S., and Israeli intelligence officials have been conducting talks since Tuesday with White House and U.S. intelligence operatives to determine if intelligence supplied by Israel to the U.S. regarding a planned ISIS attack was leaked by President Trump at his meeting last week with Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov,Barak Ravid reports for Haaretz.
An Israeli official said that Israel’s assessment is that even if Trump passed on Israeli intelligence, no one is in danger, nor is the incident expected to have any significant influence on Israeli-American intelligence cooperation.
“Things like this have happened in the past,” the official said. “This is an opportunity to talk to the Americans, make order and set boundaries together.”
{ Israel News}


  1. On the other hand, we are all in danger of the media’s reckless, irresponsible publishing of false news, which could have dire international consequences with those who naively believe everything they publish.

    It is time to bring the media into accountability, and make some arrests.


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