Israel: Palestinian Authority Paid Terrorists $358 Million in 2017 

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The Palestinian Authority spent $358 million on payments to terrorists and their families in 2017, the Israel Defense Ministry said Tuesday, an amount representing 7% of the PA’s total budget, reports Lilach Shoval for Yisroel Hayom.
In 2016, the PA spent $322 million on terrorists’ stipends. Terrorists serving a life sentence receive a monthly stipend of $2,900. To compare, the average monthly salary of Palestinians in the West Bank is $580.
“The Palestinian Authority pays terrorists and their families over a billion shekels a year, thus encouraging and perpetuating terrorism,” Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman said Monday. “It constitutes financing terrorist attacks against Israeli citizens. Nothing demonstrates the Palestinian Authority’s support of terrorism more. It is our duty to stop it,” he said.
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  1. So the American money sent to Iran, the PA and Pakistan ends up supporting terrorism. After all these years only trump has the will to stop it? Thank God for Trump and not another politician.


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