Israel Passes Decision To Release 104 Prisoners; 13 In Favor, 7 Opposed


knessetThe Israeli cabinet approved today the release of 104 security prisoners with a majority of 13 ministers voting in favor, and seven ministers opposing the decision. Minister Limor Livnat and Silvan Shalom abstained.

According to the resolution, 104 prisoners will be released and a limited ministerial team will supervise the process as part of the negotiations with the Palestinians. In addition, if it would be decided to release Arab-Israeli prisoners, the matter will be brought for reapproval of the cabinet.

Minister Naftali Bennett addressed the decision saying: “It if a difficult day for the entire government and the decision has been made.”

Earlier Thursday, Justice Minister Tzipi Livni said regarding the release: “This meeting is one of the most important ones to the future of Israel. The decision involves great grief, but needs to be made.”

Livni added: “In the past, Israel released prisoners with a gun to her head and handed them at the terrorist organizations’ request. Today it’s not the case, we release vile murderers who rightfully spent years in the Israeli prison, and they will only be released if the negotiations prove serious.”

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  1. As the saying goes,The Palestinians are laughing all the way to the “west” bank.
    As for Kerry he’ll be smiling and smirking as he accepts the Noble peace prize at the expense of Jewish blood

  2. Israel is its own worst enemy! They never learn their lesson! Netanyahu should be arrested for deserting his Nation!


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