Israel Plans Hospital To Separate Terror Attackers From Victims

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Israel’s Ministry of Public Security and the Israel Prison Service announced on Thursday a plan to transform part of the Ayalon prison into a hospital especially for terrorists as a way to separate attackers from their victims.

Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan said he was shocked that “the Israel Prison Service has no means of treating an inmate who goes on a hunger strike or a terrorist [detained after an attack]. This creates a situation where a terrorist lies on a bed next to the person he wounded; this immoral situation does not make sense and must be addressed.”

The plan, yet to be finalized, includes 70 beds spread over three floors of the facility. Erdan emphasized that the quality of care will be the same standard as regular hospitals.

The prison hospital will also help authorities counteract prisoners, who try to receive early parole by going on hunger strikes. JNS.ORG



  1. I believe it’s unconstitutional for the Israelis to treat the attackers.

    What? They’re worried about the world going against them? That’s what’s happening now.

    #no treatment for those who murder jews

  2. Who would want to work in such a hospital It’s one thing to treat the terrorists as part of one’s work, along with real victims, and quite another to work only for such murderers. I imagine most of the staff will be arab, but which Jew would want to work with them? If only arabs work there, why should the Israeli government pay for their treatment? It should be a branch of some private arab hospital.


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