Israel Pledges To Rebuild Entire Nepalese Village



Israel has pledged to fully rebuild an entire village in Nepal as part of its long-term relief efforts following the devastating earthquake in that country, Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman announced Thursday.

“After consulting with various departments in the Foreign Ministry, we decided to adopt a village in Nepal, to assist with its reconstruction and to do our utmost to help people who have really found themselves in a difficult situation,” Lieberman said in a briefing at the Israeli Foreign Ministry, the Times of Israel reported.

The foreign ministry said it will work with the Nepalese government to select a village and to assist in clearing the area as well as rebuilding the infrastructure and houses there.

“We, the professional staff, will start to work after the dust has settled and it’ll be possible to talk with Nepali authorities about the location of the village and the matter of the reconstruction,” said the foreign ministry’s director-general, Nissim Ben-Sheetrit.

Israeli rescue units are continuing to search for Or Asraf, the last Israeli citizen who is unaccounted for in Nepal. Rescuers believe that Asraf was hiking at the time of the earthquake. Dozens of Israelis have been rescued from remote regions of Nepal over the last few days.

Meanwhile, Chabad-Lubavitch of Nepal said it prepared 2,000 meals for Nepalis in need on Wednesday alone. Additionally, the Chabad emissary in the region, Rabbi Chezky Lifshitz, led a helicopter mission to rescue stranded Israelis.




  1. Charity starts at home! They are so willing to spend money rebuilding some foreign country but they claim they have no money to help their own Chareidi children with the basics?! Something is wrong with this picture.

  2. The Nepalese have suffered a devastating earthquake and are unable to help themselves.

    The charedim receive support from Israel’s government, perhaps slightly less than it used to be. Under the current coalition talks, there may be no reduction at all.

  3. To What??? There are some considerations of national reputation that are greater than the daily needs of your own citizens. Nepal has always been friendly to Israel, and in this it is one of only a few. To turn our back on them would be an ugly thing. Aaaay, what about the children? That’s why being a leader needs tremendous siyata dishmaya. Things are not always so simple.

  4. To gather the sparks of holiness in the world and elevate them.. Tikkun Olam.. Kabbalistic. Of course there is holiness to elevate in Nepal. Of course.

  5. #4
    Your lomdus is krum, at best.
    “turn our back on them”? We helped them by sending the IDF, field hospitals, etc. (Besides the organizations that sent teams because they needed the PR to shnur.)
    That should’ve been enough.
    Now back to our poor brethren back home.

  6. On the one hand, the Government of Israel claims they have no money in their budget to help the poor people (Religious & non Religious) of their own Country, but yet they are so willing to dish out funds to help some 3rd world country?

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