Israel Police Hunting 22 Mothers and 4 Fathers from Emmanuel Who Have Gone AWOL


emmanuel-protestIsraeli Police have launched a search for 22 mothers and four fathers from Emmanuel who went underground yesterday in order to avoid a prison sentence ordered by the High Court of Justice.

More than 30 charedi parents arrived at the police station as agreed earlier Thursday, in order to serve a two-week prison term for refusing to adhere to a High Court of Justice ruling regarding their daughters’ schooling.

Meanwhile, Supreme Court Justice Edmond Levy decided to delay the implementation of detainment orders against the women.

In response to an appeal filed by the women’s attorneys, Justice Levy delayed the orders until the court will discuss the matter further this morning.

Earlier, following a meeting convened by Police Commissioner Dudi Cohen, officials decided to utilize all means at their disposal in order to implement the court’s order in a “rapid, determined, and absolute manner.”

At the time of the meeting, police had no information about the whereabouts of the 26 parents.

However, police officials were apparently aiming to trace cellular phone calls made by the missing parents in order to locate them, while also eliciting intelligence information from various sources.

“We are unwilling to accept what happened and intend to express our position by law, and proudly show up at the gates of prison, without any shame,” said one askan. “The women’s disappearance was not planned and we did not initiate it. We guided them in recent days in order for them to handle the physical and mental difficulties expected in prison.”

Yesterday, over 150,000 people protested the High Court’s ruling in Yerushalayim and Bnei Brak, later accompanying the parents to the police station. The demonstrations were peaceful and no clashes were reported.

{Yair Israel/Ynet}



    By now we are facing major threat that endanger Israel our country, Charedis should not be sentenced to jail for such case. It’s such a non-sens, especially when the terrorists from the Marma flotillas have been freed despite the fact they have blood on their hand, and Charedim have done so much good for Israel.

    It’s a real shame, that the State of Israel has reached this low level.

  2. Does that number include the couple who had a baby last night, and the father came this morning? Does the prison have a Kimpatur wing?

    Simanei yisroel: Rachmanim, bayshanim, gomlei chasadim. Are these judges really yidden?

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  4. I think the police should put in more efforts in finding the 22 mothers, they are a danger to israel’s safety, they might educate their kids to only listen to the torah / rabbonim!!!
    this could be a disaster to the democratic enlightened state of “kechol hagoim beis yisroel” R”L. if there is no place in the jail for them, they sould free some well meaning freedom fighters, so they could jail the real criminals.
    in arabic we call this “aschalta degoluso”


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