Israel Police Use Stun Grenades To Stop Charedi Hafgana

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Israeli police used stun grenades Sunday to try to calm a violent protest by charedim in Yerushalayim, the latest angry demonstration against the military draft.

A police statement said four officers were slightly injured in scuffles as law enforcement tried to disperse “several hundred ultra-Orthodox extremists” outside an army enlistment office in the holy city.

“Police used stun grenades and water cannon against rioters,” police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld told AFP.Read more at i24NEWS.



  1. Since the zionistin are yousing stun guns then we should all move to America. I heard Chicago is welcome ing and pretty good. Has anyone been there? We will continue our protest in Chicago with Hashem help.

  2. This G-dless people would never dare use stun grenades against the daily demonstrations of the handicaps who block streets and highways and neither would they dare use it against Tel Avivians who demonstrate.

    • pretty sure atleast 70 percent of israeli jews are traditional!
      are these pelegniks socialist radicals? to march in the street. go check through papers from years ago if you can find yeshiva bochrim being encourage to protest on mass! unless you revise the history of course you wont find it!

      • You’re behind times sir/ma’am. Years ago there was no mandatory draft for yeshiva bachurim. These hafganos only started when exemption for bachurim was nullified. Go check the more recent papers from about 5.5 years ago and you’ll understand why Gedolei Yisrael demanded hafganos.

        • which gedolim? nuu…. it’s easy to type gedolim said so. the rabbinic supporters against peleg is the majority in israel! so where you pull you into from must be thin air and unicorns!

  3. Baruch Hasehm for the demonstrators who make a huge Kiddush Hashem with their demonstrations preventing hundreds of Yeshiva boys AND girls (as is the hafganah case now) from shmad.

  4. Why would Starbucks have 2 black men arrested by the police just because they didn’t order any coffee? Since when has America become a police state? Who has empowered the police to lord over us?

    • I don’t know what shaychis, but because they wanted to use the bathroom. There is a policy that only paying customers can use the bathroom. They started yelling and fighting, so they were asked to leave. They didn’t, so they were trespassing. The cops came, asked them to leave several times, and they started fighting with the cops. They were trespassing and fighting with employees and cops, so they were arrested.

  5. anonymous: if you saw would you be mevatel your da’as to that of the gedolim?!
    lets see right now!
    look up letter signed by r shteinman and r chaim kenievsky an r michel yehuda lefkowitz asking all to dedicate three days per year to join asra kadisha demonstrations over grave desecrations as you will see if you look it up those demonstrations were realy violent!
    So? does it matter to you? or do you hold what ever you like and then find gedolim to agree with you?
    please respond we’re waiting to know

  6. I just wonder what all of you posting so cynically against the protestors think. Do you believe your thinking is in line with the chazon ish, brisker rov and the like or more with ben gurion and zhabotinski? Or let’s go staright to the chumash. What about ‘Lo saamod al dam reiacha’? How would you respond if your daughter were to be taken to prison or forced into the army? Did you forget about ‘v’ohavto l’reiacho komochu’? Are we torah jews after all? Maybe it’s time for a little self searching on how ‘torahdig’ our thinking has become.


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