Israel Prepares For Iran Missiles In Response To Israeli Strike

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Iran is preparing a barrage of missiles to launch against Israeli military positions from Syrian territory, Hebrew media reported Sunday, citing defense officials.

Iran plans to avenge alleged Israeli strikes on its bases in Syria, Ma’ariv defense analyst Alon Ben David said, by targeting military targets in northern Israel.

As of now, Israel isn’t “on the eve of war against Iran,” he said, “but the Iranians do want revenge for their losses.”

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  1. Iran doesn’t know who they are really coming against. The last war with 6 nations against Israel, Israel won the war. The little nation has more power and belief than all of Iran put together, and more brain power than any of the leaders Iran will ever have. Iran should look into history for most of the nations that come against Israel seem to be just a part of history and are weakened.

    • It’s not our might not is it our brains , it’s the zechus of limud hatorah that will and always saved us from these vermons


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