Israel Pushing France to Reopen the Kever Melochim in Yerushalayim

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Israel is struggling to have France reopen the Kever Melochim outside the Old City, which is undergoing renovations for the past eight years at the cost of over $1 million. Religious Jews are pressing for the opportunity to daven there.

But three years of negotiations are at a standstill as France wants Israel to guarantee continuation of full French sovereignty over the site.

Discovered in the 1860s, the site was first thought to be the burying place of Kings Dovid and Shlomo, hence its name. Among several sarcophagi found there, one with an Aramaic inscription is believed to refer to Queen Helena of Abiabene, and according to tradition, Ben Kalba Savua is buried there as well.

Visitors are meanwhile davening outside the locked gate.

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  1. Giyorim sadiqim she and her son Menbaz, lionized by the G’dolim. What is this sovereigny shtuss. Napoleon the Great, the only French ohev-yisrael ruler ever, announced Jewish sovereign rights over E”I when he was at Akko 2 centuries ago. Put on yellow vests and kick the Nazi collaborators out.

  2. Now what would any arab/muslim country do if was their culture on their territory? But the poor scared Israeli government is worried about “ma yomru hagoyim”. Bibi, Deri, et al get out of the ghetto.

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