Israel Ranks As The World’s Sixth Largest Arms Exporter In 2012

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israel-plane-fighter-jetIsrael ranked as the world’s sixth largest arms exporter in 2012 with $2.4 billion worth of defense sales, according to IHS Jane’s.

IHS Jane’s, a business intelligence company specializing in military and national security topics, put the United States at the top of its list, with more than $28 billion in defense deals in 2012.

Trailing behind the U.S. in the top five were Russia, which exported $10 billion’s worth of weapons, France with $4.5 billion in sales, the United Kingdom, at an export total of $4.5 billion of weapons and Germany, which last year sold weapons and defense equipment worth $3 billion. Among the top 10 weapons exporters, Germany was the only country to see a drop of its arms exports compared to 2008 figures.

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  1. Israel might have been the largest arms exporter, if it didn’t take the American “aid”: American “aid” has to be spent on American arms, therefore inflating the American export figures. Israel is flooded with free American weapons, which takes away the need of the Israeli weapons development, and therefore reduces Israeli arms exports in the long term. Israel should use the resource of highly educated population to monopolize all research and development markets.

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