Israel Rejects Proposal To Free Palestinian Prisoners For Extending Peace Talks

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palestinian-terrorist-prisonersIsrael rejected a proposal by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to extend the direct peace talks scheduled to end in April for releasing 400 Palestinian prisoners, a senior Palestinian official said today.

The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, told Xinhua that Abbas told the United States that if Israel frees 400 prisoners, including women and children, he will accept the extension of the peace talks.

The U.S.-brokered talks ran into a deadlock this week after Israel refused to free the last group of 26 prisoners, out of the 104 prisoners arrested before the two sides signed Oslo peace accords in 1993. Israel has already released 78 prisoners in three groups of 26 prisoners.

Read more at Xinhua.



  1. Why release prisoners when you can just cough up your own pride? After all, if we are jews who value friendships, should we not keep the key locked on the wicked and evildoers? But of course, Obama and the Freedom Loving Mr. Kerry want to keep the day short and give the wicked treasonous minds of the palestinian cause a new era of limited liability. Give them their mamzers and we all get to smile at the end of our lost dreams. A good plan? Probably not, but Israel always loses by the non-jew’s approach. And we all can be more friendly to the non-jew, right? Thanks for playing who is on Last Cause, Mr. Obama. We here in America who are jewish love your last standing call of human interest against your own lost hope. Good luck.

  2. For what purpose so hecan continue saying israel is nit jewish and he wont give an inch who needs these kind of “peace talks”

  3. Answer to No. 3 — you don’t want that piece of paper. It would be very dangerous because it would be binding. It’s better this way, that they continually refuse to agree on the most basic starting points. Baruch Hashem they are so intransigent. They protect us from ourselves.


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