Israel Relied Heavily On NSA During 2006 Lebanon War, New Snowden Documents Show


Israel heavily relied on US intelligence during the 2006 Lebanon War, and made repeated requests for help in locating Hezbollah operatives for targeted assassinations, according to the latest classified documents leaked by American whistleblower Edward Snowden.

The two documents released on Wednesday revealed that even though the National Security Agency was legally prohibited from sharing surveillance data for targeted killings, Israeli pressure led to the creation of a new framework to facilitate intelligence-sharing between the two countries.

It said the 2006 war pushed ISNU to its “technical and resource limits,” and Israeli officials turned to their American counterparts at the NSA for information on Hezbollah targets, information on captured Israeli soldiers, specifically if Iran had a role in the kidnappings, and any relevant geolocational data.

Read more at Times of Israel.




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