Israel: Retail Stores, Small Businesses Threaten To Defy Government Coronavirus Rules

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Israel’s mall chain “BIG” announced Sunday it intends to open its commercial centers in defiance of the government’s coronavirus rules.

In a letter sent to store owners, BIG CEO Hay Galis wrote that “in the first lockdown we carried the stretcher on our back, alone. In the second lockdown, once more we got under the stretcher in September and October, again completely alone.

“There is no burden-sharing and not even a shekel [received] from the Israeli government,” Galis continued, as cited by outlet Maariv. “We have earned with honesty, respecting leadership and readiness, to make difficult decisions during a crisis.”

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  1. That’s the way to go! Say no to tyranny! The same should be done in Brooklyn. Tell the governor that it’s a sanctuary city for free enterprise.

    • Only if everyone in the frum community is required to pay all the costs of their inevitable hospitalizations and drugs out of their own pockets.

      Free enterprise is not really a Torah value. Education is, and much of Europe is now locking down almost all business activity in order to keep schools open. We have this backwards here in the US.

      • Many people in the frum community have woken up to the coronavirus hoax and nobody died from coronavirus and that lockdowns will never end the flu or pneumonia or other coronavirus nonsense.

        How come hospitals are basically empty globally?
        How come the Chevra Kadisha in Israel say they have less work since after the massacres in the hospitals and fewer work than other years?
        How come nobody knows anyone that died from coronavirus who didn’t have an existing sickness?
        How come coronavirus was already discussed in 2017 by the US govt, their stimulus packaged voted on in Jan 2019 and jobs openings for quarantines were advertised in Oct and Nov of 2019 when coronavirus just began in Jan 2020?
        How come we only hear from politicians about coronavirus and not from doctors?`

        And how come you’re still in deep slumber?


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