Israel Returns Body Of Terrorist

knife terror attack

Israel returned the body of 22-year-old Elias Salah-Yassin on Friday to his family, more than two months after he was killed during a stabbing attempt.

The incident occurred in early October near Gitti Avisar Junction on Highway 5 outside the Israeli town of Barkan. Yassin lunged at IDF soldiers while brandishing a knife before being shot dead by troops from the Nahal Brigade. No one was injured.

The legality of holding onto the bodies of terrorists’ has been debated multiple times by the High Court in recent years. In July, an expanded seven-justice bench failed to rule in a petition against returning the bodies.

Read more at Arutz Sheva.



  1. If you’re going to return the terrorists body at least bath it in pig blood or wrap it in pig skin so that he will be returned to his original roots.

  2. Again I would have said just stupid Israelis, BUT this is beyond stupid, THIS IS EVIL!!!

    The Arabs are currently holding 2 Israeli bodies captive and have the audacity to return terrorists bodies back, without demanding they return the Israeli bodies???

    This is why NO ONE should serve in the Israeli army!!! Frum, frei, chareidi, Druze, it doesn’t matter, NO ONE should server until the Israeli leadership AND COURTS ARE CHANGED to people who actually care about the wellbeing of their soldiers (not to mention brothers and sisters). Until then, NO ONE SHOULD SERVER. They cannot lock up all teenagers!


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