Israel Says It Will Expand Response If Gaza Clashes Go On, Brands Those Killed as Terrorists

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A day after clashes with Israeli soldiers at the Israel-Gaza border left 16 Palestinians dead, IDF Spokesman Brig.-Gen. Ronen Manelis said that the protest – billed as nonviolent – was “not a nonviolent protest. It was an organized, Hamas act of terror using civilians as a cover,” Noga Tanopolsky reports int eh Los Angeles Times.

“I don’t know why people call this a protest. It’s terror,” Manelis said. “Hundreds of terrorists used the demonstration as cover to perpetrate violent acts….If this continues, we will have no choice but to respond inside Gaza against terrorist targets.” Israel said all of those killed were engaged in violence against its soldiers and released videos showing Palestinian snipers shooting at soldiers.

Manelis said that Israel had identified at least four explosives left alongside the border fence by “terrorists using the demonstration as camouflage.” He said the military acted with restraint and knew “exactly” who its sharpshooters targeted.

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  1. Why must killer terrorists die? Why can’t they get a little slap on the wrist or a wagging finger and be told Naughty, Naughty, Naughty! It would be so much more effective! They come from bad homes and upbringings and haven’t been taught right from wrong! Why must they lose their lives?

    • Excellent point. I’ve instructed Susan Rice to file a lawsuit against the State of Israel after this murderous rampage by those evil members of the IDF against innocent defenseless poor downtrodden Palestinians. Trump should step down in disgrace.


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