Israel Says Slain Journalist Was A Hamas Spy


Israel’s defense minister said Tuesday that a Palestinian journalist who was shot dead by Israeli troops on the Israeli-Gaza border was a Hamas operative.

Yaser Murtaja, the co-founder of Ain Media, was shot as he filmed protests at the border fence on Friday.

Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman said that Murtaja, who used drones to film in the course of his work, was giving drone footage of Israeli positions to Hamas, was the equivalent of a captain in the group’s military wing and had been on its payroll since 2011.

The Israeli military and the Defense Ministry did not respond to requests for comment Tuesday on whether Murtaja was directly targeted.

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  1. He was an Arab who gambled that Israel would be afraid of the optics of a faux terrorist/reporter getting shot. Well, he gambled and lost.
    Israel is learning to stop being worried about being PC.
    A terrorist is a terrorist, even if he’s camouflaged like a reporter.
    Good bye, and goodriddance!

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