Israel Says Tourism to Break Record in 2010


ben-gurionIsrael’s Tourism Ministry says 2010 will be a record year for tourism, which has already surpassed the high of 3 million visitors set in 2008. The ministry said today that the increase is partly thanks toimproving security situation over the last few years following intense Israeli-Palestinian fighting in the first half of the decade.

The ministry said there was a drop in tourism last year because of the global financial crisis and the Gaza war. Some 3.4 million visitors are expected to arrive by the end of the year.



  1. This is excellent news. The Holy Land is blessed with wonderful attractions. Many tourists are also very sensitive to the possibility of danger when they travel, so for so many to make this choice is a positive sign. The perception globally is that the Holy Land is stabilising and violence is reducing. Still a long way to go until Ganeden but the signs are encouraging.

  2. Enough Tourism by Jewish people. We all need to move there. It is where we belong. It is our land. We should cry sad tears to be in galus.


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