Israel Shelves Plans For Egalitarian Prayer Area At Kosel

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Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announces a freeze on the implementation of a government-approved plan to establish a pluralistic prayer pavilion at the Western Wall.

In a statement, Netanyahu’s office says the prime minister is tasking Cabinet Secretary Tzachi Braverman and Regional Cooperation Minister Tzachi Hanegbi with formulating a new plan.

It also says construction work on the southern edge of the Western Wall plaza — where the pluralistic prayer pavilion was slated to be built — would continue uninterrupted.

Charedi lawmakers have repeatedly sought to stymie the 2016 plan while many MK’s voiced their disapproval at the decision. Read more at Times Of Israel.



  1. “Egalitarian Prayer” is an oxymoron: those who are interested in destruction of thousands of years of Torah traditions can not be interested in prayer, by definition. The entire thing is a manipulation and a scam.


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