Israel-South Africa Crisis Escalates, As President Says ‘Gaza Became a Concentration Camp’

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On Monday, the Israeli Foreign Ministry announced the recall of Israeli Ambassador to South Africa Eli Belotserkovsky for consultations in Yerushalayim. This decision follows a series of accusations against Israel, with President Cyril Ramaphosa and other officials accusing Israel of committing genocide in the Gaza Strip.

President Ramaphosa declared that South Africa had approached the International Criminal Court in The Hague, calling for an investigation into alleged “war crimes and crimes against humanity” committed by Israel during the conflict. Despite ongoing investigations, including into Hamas’ actions in the October 7 terror attack, Ramaphosa described Gaza as a “concentration camp.” While not explicitly condemning Hamas’ actions and the kidnapping of Israelis to Gaza, he criticized Israel’s response, characterizing it as a war crime involving airstrikes resulting in Gazan casualties.

Israeli officials expressed strong dissatisfaction with the statements, and a diplomatic source emphasized that recalling the ambassador for consultations conveys a message to South Africa that it has crossed boundaries. However, this move might be a preemptive measure, considering Pretoria’s contemplation of removing the Israeli ambassador.

The ruling ANC party in South Africa recently announced its support for a parliamentary initiative advocating the closure of the South African embassy in Tel Aviv and the severance of all ties with Israel. South Africa, a consistent supporter of the Palestinians, often criticizes Israel and draws parallels between the Palestinian struggle and its historic fight against apartheid. In 2018, South Africa recalled its ambassador from Israel, and last week, in protest against the Gaza attacks, it withdrew all diplomats from Israel, signaling a review of diplomatic relations with the country.

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  1. South Africa. With the highest unemployment of almost any country in the world, almost highest rate of homicide, mass killings, mass violent robberies, mass gangs, approximately 70 murders a day.
    Power cuts, failing sewage systems, I would take too seriously a statement from these failed ‘leaders’

  2. Hitler Condemns Bombing of Nazi Germany, Says Nazis Are Now Living In A Concentration Camp
    Bemoaning his dire predicament of being forced to live in a hidden, underground bunker to avoid being nabbed or killed by allied forces, and decrying the allied bombing of Nazi Germany, German Fuhrer Adolf Hitler issued a statement on Tuesday accusing allied forces of turning Nazi Germany into a concentration camp.
    “I feel trapped hiding inside this tiny bunker,” Hitler said in the statement. “Not a day goes by where I don’t fear for my own life. The bombs are falling all over Nazi Germany. The Western alliance has turned Nazi Germany into a concentration camp. It feels like Gehenom on Earth! The civilized world, including the progressive students of our cherished universities around the globe, must continue to speak out on behalf of my beleaguered country and on behalf of my persecuted Nazi government before it’s too late!”

  3. Now we see that sometimes an Apartheid State is better than SA is now!
    So the fact that many pro- Hamas all over the world is calling Israel an Apartheid State – why don’t you go back to your Oppressive State that you came from?
    So even if Israel is Apartheid it’s way better than Most of the Arab world!
    It’s time to go live in Gaza – maybe Hamas will use you as a Human Shield?
    Why are you Running to the Western World?!?


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