Israel Threatens To Renew Targeted Killings Of Hamas Leadership

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Israel’s Intelligence minister, Israel Katz, said on Friday that targeted killings of Hamas leadership will be renewed if Islamic Jihad follows through on Thursday’s threats to kill Israeli soldiers and generals.

“The threats by the PIJ Terror organization to shoot at IDF officers by snipers from Gaza, constitutes crossing a red line. Hamas must know that any attack on IDF commanders at the border to Gaza will immediately lead to a renewal of targeted killings of the Hamas leadership.”

Katz thus holds Hamas responsible for Islamic Jihad’s video which shows fighters from the militant group lining up their sniper rifles on a staircase and then go on to target IDF soldiers and generals.

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  1. This is terrible. I spoke to Susan Rice to initiate a war crimes charge in the UN against those Israeli murderers. How dare they defend themselves. I’ve also spoken to Cory Booker & Kristen Gillibrand to withhold all funding from that terrorist state of Israel. Instead, that money should go to fund the legally elected Hamas leadership.

  2. Why wait? It could be tragic if they do it and we know they really want to.
    Mr. Katz is giving Hamas control and is letting them decide on the next move.
    Why wait?

  3. Targeted killings worked very well in the past.
    It’s time to resume them.
    The way to deal with a snake, is by chopping off its head.


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