Israel To Compensate Palestinian Family Whose Sons Were Killed In Gaza War


rocket-terrorists-gaza-hamasIt is hard to fathom, but Israel will be paying 430,000 shekel in compensation to the Shurrab family of Khan Yunis in Gaza, whose two sons were shot dead at close range during a humanitarian truce during Operation Cast Lead, according to a Haaretz report.

The Palestinian Center for Human Rights filed a civil suit in Haifa Magistrate’s Court in August 2010 on the family’s behalf after it got no response to the complaint it had filed with the Defense Ministry. The court has ruled that Israel will have to shell out the shekels to the family of the two Palestinians.

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. Could say it nicely by referring to this demented action as ‘chelemite’, but no, this is more showing their disdain for the Jewish lives lost in the losing war of Gaza. These are the actions of the infamous courts in Israel today!

  2. IF the sons weren’t armed or threatening the soldiers, and the soldiers shot them anyway, isn’t this wtongdoing? After all, we are Jews and we are supposed to conduct ourselves according to halacha, which forbids killing unless the person killed is attempting to harm someone. The article says they were shot during a truce, not in a time of combat. Shouldn’t we obey the laws ourselves, the same as we demand that others do?


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