Israel To Construct New Fence Along Border With Jordan


EILAT JORDANThe Israeli security cabinet has approved the construction of an 18.64-mile fence along the Jewish state’s southern border with Jordan.

“We made a very important decision to continue a section of fence along our southern border, this time from Eilat, 30 kilometers north past the Timna airport that is under construction,” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said.

“It is part of our national security,” he added. “It joins the fence that we built along the length of our border with Sinai, which blocked the entry of illegal migrants into Israel and—of course—the various terrorist movements. This step also joins the fence that we built on our border on the Golan Heights.”

In 2013, Israel completed construction of a fence along its entire border with Egypt in order to prevent terrorist infiltration, smuggling, and African migrants from crossing into Israel from Egypt’s restive Sinai Peninsula.

The new fence will be built completely within Israeli territory and was approved in coordination with the Jordanian government. Israel considers the new southern Timna airport to be a strategic alternative to Ben Gurion Airport, should the latter come under attack. A rocket fell about a mile from Ben Gurion during last year’s Israel-Hamas war.


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  1. This is great news. The worry of such hate and terror is ridiculous. Israel can not live with Esav and it clearly can not even dine with Ishmael.

    This problem is ridiculous and it is just a pity to live in such a horrible experience in our own favorite values and homes.

    Scary, but it is a necessary condition of human value and always our own survival.

    Great to see.

    The holy land will be safer and I doubt many people need often to venture to pagan non-descript lands of bigoted hate.


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